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            Welcome To Jieyang Tussen Hardware Limited

            About us
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                   Jieyang Tussen Hardware Limited. is a professional manufacturer which specialized in Ball bearing slide & Hinges developing, producing,marketing. Established in 2011, our factory is located in Jieyang city,GuangDong Province.
                   It covers 5000 square meters,own 20 sets advanced production processing equipment,automatic assembly production line. The production output reach 950,000 sets Per Month. We have more than 90 workers, and a group of professional designer as well as managerment employee. 

                   With owned brand" BAISILONG" “TUSSEN” " JUNDA"”JIAERYA”, our products have won high reputation from most of domestic&overseas customers.meanwhile,we have 5 years experience for overseas market, our factory offer OEM&ODM orders for international market, such as Europe, South-east Asia, South America, North America, Middle-east area etc.
                   Tussen adhere to “Professional Route”. “High Quality Product & Efficient Service & Reasonable Price" is our management principle. We warmly welcome businessmen at home and abroad to cooperate with us and create win-win situation.

            Company brand


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